A Study of Science Students’ Attitude towards Physics Learning and its impact on Grades


  • Farkhanda Rasheed Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Sobia Zaman




Attitude towards Physics, Grades, Science Education


Attitude towards science affects students’ achievement in science education. The study of Physics at secondary level has a significance place in the curriculum. This study aimed to find the student’s attitude towards Physics and its relationship with Physics scores at secondary level. The present study is quantitative in nature and survey method was used for it. A sample of one thousand science students was randomly selected from population through multistage stratified sampling. For data collection, an attitude towards physics learning as developed. The data was collected by administrating developed attitude towards physics questionnaire and obtaining result of secondary school Gujranwala board examinations. The findings revealed that students’ have negative attitude towards physics. Moreover, most of the students failed in Physics subject which can be attributed to fewer attitudes towards Physics It is recommended to further probe the reasons and factors of negative attitude of students towards Physics learning Moreover, teachers must focus on the development of student’s attitudes towards physics so that more students’ can become scientists.


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