Publication Fee

Publication Fee

Dear Authors,

We appreciate your interest in our research journal and thank you for considering us as a potential platform for publishing your valuable research. As part of our commitment to providing a high-quality publication process, we would like to inform you about the publication fee that will be applicable once your paper is accepted after the editorial review and two external reviews.

Publication Fee Details:

The publication fee for accepted papers is set at 30,000 PKR (Pakistan Rupees) or 200 USD (United States Dollars). We believe that this fee represents a fair and reasonable cost considering the comprehensive peer review process, editorial handling, and the resources involved in ensuring the dissemination of your research to a wide audience.

Payment Options:

To facilitate the payment process, we offer two convenient payment options:

  1. Bank Account: You can choose to pay the publication fee via bank transfer. We will provide you with the bank account details upon acceptance of your paper. Kindly ensure that the payment includes the necessary details to identify your submission.

 Bank Details:


Allied Bank Limited

Bank code = 014
Branch Code = 0319
Branch Name = SAIDABAD Kohat Road-Saidabad-Peshawar
Account Number = 0010038049750027
Title of Account = Muhammad Sajjad Khan


  1. Payooner Account: Alternatively, you can submit the publication fee using your Payooner account. Please contact the account section for more details.

Important Note:

It is essential to submit the publication fee within the specified timeframe to proceed with the publication process. Once the payment is received, our team will promptly initiate the production and publication of your paper. Please note that the publication fee is non-refundable, regardless of any subsequent changes or withdrawals from the publication.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding the publication fee or any other aspect of the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated editorial team. You can reach us at or We are here to support you throughout the publication journey and ensure a smooth and successful publication experience.

We look forward to receiving your high-quality submissions and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in your field.

Best regards,

Journal of Contemporary Trends and Issues in Education