Navigating Professional Challenges: A Qualitative Study on Teachers' Resilience and Dedication


  • Dr. Bushra Inayat Raja Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi
  • Ms. Fatima Saddique Research Scholar, Department of Education, Virtual University Lahore



Resilience, Morale, Professional Challenges, Dedication, Qualitative Study


This study aimed to look into the stress and morale experiences of teachers within the Government schools in Rawalpindi city, employing one-on-one interviews to gain insights. The research sought to understand how teaching staff perceive stress and morale within their working environment. Qualitative data was collected through in-depth interviews with 20 teachers from two elementary schools, allowing participants to share their perspectives and experiences in the context of their school environment. Thematic analysis was applied to uncover recurring themes within the data. Main themes emerged, relating to the workload within a professional setting and the resulting stress, the influence of the school environment and colleagues, difficulties faced and strategies for managing them, positive encouragement and reinforcement, the impact of school leadership and policies, investigating student behavior dynamics in educational contexts, and dealing with the challenges of overcrowded classrooms. The findings indicated that teachers derived job satisfaction from collegial support. However, interactions with students, particularly when addressing behavioral challenges and dealing with uncooperative parents, contributed to stress. Individual experiences and emotions play a pivotal role in shaping stress levels. Additionally, the study highlighted the empathetic and caring approach of school head teachers, who fostered an enriching learning and working atmosphere. As a result, teachers reported feeling valued and appreciated within the institution, largely due to the conducive environment created by effective leadership.




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Raja, D. B. I., & Saddique, M. F. (2023). Navigating Professional Challenges: A Qualitative Study on Teachers’ Resilience and Dedication. Journal of Contemporary Trends and Issues in Education, 3(1), 53–78.