The Impact of Technology on the Successful Work-life Balance of Working Women in Academia


  • Diana Ambrose Institute of business Management
  • Dr. Kamal Ahmed



Technology, Work-life Balance, Working Women, Academia



            A well-adjusted work and family life is connected with a strong work-life balance however, many factors contribute to this balance. Among many factors that contribute to women’s success or failure in work-life balance communication technology (ICT) is also one of them. The pandemic circumstances highlighted the benefits of using modern technology to ensure that work keeps going and does not stop.  This study aimed to explore the impact of ICT on the work-life equilibrium of a worker and the use of technology. This could have had both positive and negative effects. However, this research was skewed toward the positive effects of ICT. Purposive sampling was adopted for this study. There were in all ten participants, all working women leaders in academia. Almost all, except one participant, acknowledged that the support of  ICT allowed them to balance their work and family life. These women were referring to the use of mobiles, which carry data from one place to another, and the internet. According to this study, ICT has a pivotal role to play in balancing work life for these working women in academia. The awareness concerning ICT and work-life balance is still being enhanced by this research, which should be uninterruptedly continued.







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Ambrose, D., & Soomro, K. A. (2024). The Impact of Technology on the Successful Work-life Balance of Working Women in Academia. Journal of Contemporary Trends and Issues in Education, 3(2), 105–125.